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Bible Based - We preach and teach the Bible as the Authoritative Word of God! This is not just a slogan -- No soft, shallow, sentimental sermons found here. Pastor/teacher Dr. C. Norman Sellers has a thorough knowledge and experience of the Biblical languages to discover the meaning of the Scriptures that others miss. If you want to grow deeper in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, this is the site for you. If you have grown weary of therapeutic sermons, then, the verse by verse expositional preaching that we offer is the cure you seek.

Free Grace - We are dedicated to the proclamation and defense of the "Free Grace Gospel" - God's free offer of eternal salvation through "faith alone in Christ alone," plus not one thing! Simply believe in Jesus and He guarantees you will never die spiritually. That's "Good News!" Jesus said, "He who believes in Me has everlasting life" (John 6:47). With one drink of the living water you receive everlasting life immediately and permanently which can never be lost.

Costly Growth - The gift of eternal salvation is properly correlated with and yet distinguished from issues related to discipleship, i,e.: "following Jesus; giving, committing or surrendering one's life to Christ" (Mark 8:34). Then, Jesus said to those who had believed in Him, "If you abide in My Word, you are my disciples indeed, and you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free" (John 8:31-32), that's "Discipleship." For a more detailed explanation visit the Grace Gospel webpage.

We are also affiliated  with "The Grace Evangelical Society." For more information please visit their website at faithalone.org.

Our Purpose - Evangelizing a Lost World -- Reaching

                         Equipping the Saints for Ministry -- Teaching

                         Exalting the Lord in Worship -- Praising

                         Encouraging One Another Through Ministry -- Building

                         Enjoying One Another in Fellowship -- Loving

Our Bible Teacher - C. Norman Sellers, Th.D, known affectionately as "Rev". Born in Easton, Maryland and grew up in Seaford, Delaware. A Veteran of the US Navy and a former AP Supermarket Manager. He is a graduate of Philadelphia Biblical University, BS; Dallas Theological Seminary, Th. M; and Grace Theological Seminary, Th.D. He has pastored churches in Indiana and Florida. He taught Bible, Theology, and Greek at Miami Christian College, then Trinity International University for 28 years. He is the Retired President of National Bible College. He has authored several books and booklets, including A Workbook for Greek, Beginning Greek on DVD and many college level courses on Cassettes, CDs, or online with outline notes. Rev served as the Senior Pastor at Twin Lakes Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL for 20 years. He is now retired from the ministry. A ministry spanning 60+ years. WOW!

National Bible College - Dr. Sellers also ran and operated NBC, a real Bible College offering real degrees using traditional courses of a high academic standard offered in a non-traditional manner, at a cost of only 15-20% of a comparable Bible College education. NBC is as close as your local church or your own home. It's the college that comes to you. Courses are available at various locations, on-line, or by correspondence. For a full description go to www.nationalbiblecollege.com

Ray Losey is a native born Miami Floridian. Growing up in Miami and in Plantation, Florida. He is a graduate of Miami Christian College ('81) with a degree in Bible and Christian Communications, and a degree in Electronics Technologies from Brown Institute ('82). He is also a graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with a Masters of Arts in Religion ('97). He served as a lay pastor at Twin Lakes Baptist Church for 12 years, teaching and disciplining Adults, Youth and Children in the Word of God.
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