Ray's Theology
Theology Proper - God - Ideas About God - Making a Rational Case for the Existence for God - The Names of God - The Attributes of God
The Person of Christ - What Men Say About Jesus Christ - Christ's Divinity - He is God - Christ's Humanity - An Added Dimension - Christ's Virgin Birth - How He Came to Earth
The Jesus Debate - The Road to "The Quest for the Historical Jesus" - Rebuttal to the Claims of "The Jesus Seminar" and "The DiVinci Code"
The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit - Who is the Spirit of God and what does He do - The Gifts of the Spirit, including the place of Tongues in the Church today.

The Handwork of the Creator - An thorough and uncompromising look at our great Creator God and His creation of all things in six amazing days.
A Short History of Christianity - From the early church to the modern era.
Giving Under Grace - God's New Testament Plan for Giving. It includes "The Whole Truth About the Tithe" - what most pastors won't tell you.

When the Cults Come Knocking Know what the the Jehovah Witnesses or Mormons believe and how to respond. Also a look at New Age Cults and Islam: an agnostic religion.
Introduction to Theology - What is Theology- Why Should We Study Theology? - Why Many Christians Don't Study Theology
"Praise The Lord!" - Psalm 33 - "By the word of the LORD the heavens were made"
The Church of the Environment and Global Warming
Opposing World Views
Be An Overcomer - Are all true believes guaranteed to overcome? Selected Scripture from Revelation
Faith and Works - Put your faith to work, rather than working to prove your faith.
What's Gone Wrong with the Harvest - Why is the Church Not Growing? Profession Evangelism vs. Personal Evangelism - And - Ways of Reaching the Lost for Christ - Getting Back to Basics!


Laying the Foundation of the Assurance of Salvation
How to Know for Certain You're Saved

Building on the Foundation of the Assurance of Salvation
The Results of Knowing You're Saved
Living with the Promise of Eternal life

Protecting the Foundation and Structure
of the Assurance of Salvation
Dealing with Doubt, Doubters, and Deniers
A Rebuttal to the Detractors of Full Assurance
Six Secrets of the Christian Life
Secret #1
The Christian Life is a Miracle of Resurrection

Secret #2
The Christian Life is a Miracle of Transformation
Secret #3
The Christian Life is a Coming to be in Experience
what we are Already in Our Innermost Being

Secret #4
The Christian Life is Living with Our Hearts
Open to God's Truth
Secret #5
The Christian Life is an Answer to Prayer

Secret #6
The Christian Life is the Product of a Spiritual Mindset
Future Things
The Importance of the Study of Prophecy; The Basis of Prophecy -- The Real Biblical Covenants; The Program and Purpose of the Church; The Rapture; The Seven Year Tribulation; The Personal Return of Christ; The Kingdom -- Millenium; and the Eternal State.
Rescued from the Wrath to Come - God's Undeniable Promise to Deliever the Church from the Day of the LORD -- The Seven Year Tribulation
1 Thessalonians 1:10
Behold, God is with Us! - With Whom shall we Trust, God or the Nations? - Isaiah 7:1 - 8:10

Three Kings and Three Children - Part 1

The Sign of Immanuel - Part 2
The Coming King - The Nature and Character of the Messiahic King and His Kingdom - How to Enter into the Kingdom - Isaiah 9:1-7
The Rule of the Branch of Jesse - Hope in the Midst of Impending Calamity, A Deliverer is Coming - A Faithful and Rigtheous Ruler in Contrast to the Wicked Kings of Israel - Isaiah 11:1-16
Turning Defeat into Victory - Notice: Doom then Hope - Micah 5:1-6
The Gospel of Mark - Who is Jesus? - The Powerful Son of God and the Suffering Servant - Follow Him - A Teacher's Commentary on the Second Gospel
Messages from Isaiah

What Must I Do to be Saved?